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Diet Programs in Hawthorne, NJ

“Start to Finish”
The Institute for Medical Weight Loss and Nutrition, Start to Finish Program consists of three different diet plans. Each plan is medically supervised and includes an initial physical exam, EKG, RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and blood work. Four introductory starter classes are given to all clients.

  • Low Calorie Diet Plan
An 800 calorie meal replacement diet with weekly weigh-ins. Low-risk patients are seen monthly by the physician and high-risk patients are seen weekly. We start you with a low calorie diet, transition you to a modified diet and then put you on a maintenance diet to complete the program.

  • Modified Diet Plan
An approximately 1,000 calorie diet, which is a mixture of three meal replacements and one low calorie meal. Weigh-ins are done every two weeks. Low-risk patients are seen by the physician at six weeks and high-risk patients are seen every two to four weeks. We transition you to a calorie controlled diet when appropriate.

  • Calorie Controlled Diet Plan
The Calorie Controlled diet will be determined by the results of your RMR. Weigh-ins are done monthly. Patients are seen at twelve week intervals by the physician.
Teen Weight Loss
Our teen program is designed to aid adolescents/teenagers in learning about healthy eating, the importance of physical activity and accepting and respecting the diversity of body shapes and sizes.
Bariatric Weight Loss
This program is designed to aid our clients who are considering Bariatric surgery. It reinforces guidelines required for insurance-approved surgery. It consists of six months of nutritional education, physical activity and monthly weigh-ins.