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Welcome to The Institute for Medical Weight Loss and Nutrition

How important is your health? We know that many diseases and health related concerns are directly related to our nutritional choices and weight status. Research shows that achieving and maintaining a healthy BMI (body mass index) is important to our health status.

At The Institute for Medical Weight Loss and Nutrition, we specialize in medically supervised, non-surgical weight loss programs and individualized nutrition counseling.

Our programs succeed in combining the expertise of our physicians, with that of a Registered Dietitian to help meet your nutrition goals.
Start to Finish Program consists of three different diet plans. Prior to starting the program, patients are evaluated by the physician to address medical concerns related to their health history. An initial physical exam, EKG, RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and blood work are recommended. Follow-up visits with the physician are determined individually.

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The First Step...
Taking that first step can be scary. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of failure and for some, even fear of success can hold us back. The decision to lose weight, change your lifestyle, and become a healthier person is worth overcoming those fears.

We are here to help you succeed!

Every Tuesday evening at 7pm and Wednesday morning at 11am

If you or someone you know has been struggling with their weight, take the first step, come in and learn about our program to get you started on the right track to a healthier YOU!

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The well-documented weight loss success of the OPTIFAST Program is based on the use of meal replacements during the Active Weight Loss phase of the program. Simple and effective, OPTIFAST meal replacements allow you to benefit from high-quality, complete nutrition, pre-portioned and calorie-controlled servings, quick and simple preparation and freedom from having to make food choices.

Positive change can occur quickly. In addition to losing weight, you will improve your health, learn new, healthier eating habits and engage in activities so that when you return to self-prepared foods, you are better equipped to manage your weight long term.


These are only a few of the success stories that the patients have experienced at The Institute for Medical Weight Loss and Nutrition. Young or old the benefits of a healthy lifestyle leads to more energy, better overall health, and confidence.
"Losing 97 pounds in eight months has changed my life. It would not have been possible but for the help of Jennifer at the Institute for Medical Weight Loss." Jennifer cares about much more than caloric intake and pounds gained or lost. During each visit she reviewed my food diary and took time to listen to me, helping me figure out triggers for my bad eating habits and ways of creating new healthier eating habits.

Each week as I lost weight and saw my fat percentage drop from 48.6 to 18, and my fat weight drop from 262.5 to 166, I felt like I was visiting a friend who was as committed to my weight loss as was I. Now that I have reached my goal weight, my only regret is that instead of seeing my new friend on a regular basis, I only stop in to make sure I am maintaining my new weight as well as eating healthy. " Steven